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by Quiara Santiago, 6th Grade Reporter

Were you at 214X Idol, on March 11? If you were, then you know that Christopher Ramirez, of class 501, won overall and Faith Johnson, of class 603, won best show tune. If you were not there, then you missed out on the incredible guest performances of Lady Gaga, J-Lo, LL Cool J, Enrique Iglesias, and the host Beyonce.

There was a lot of great singing talent besides Ramirez’s powerful performance of Eye of the Tiger. Highlights from the evening include Elizah Cartagena (602), Patricia Elie (602), Demi Santos (604), Zoe Williams (503), and much more.

Idol contestants sang many great songs, from pop to musicals. Williams sang Party in U.S.A by Miley Cyrus. Meanwhile, Elie sang a true classic, Tomorrow from the musical Annie. There was even a guest performance by the Cheetahs Monsters, who rocked the house with Lady Gaga as she performed Poker Face.

I polled some of the PAZ Afterschool students and most people in the survey didn’t agree with the audience’s vote. Respondents to the poll thought Elie or Johnson should have won 214X Idol overall.

Do you know what the celebrity judges wore? Lady Gaga wore a long black shirt, a black tutu, a belt made of playing cards, and black tights. J-Lo wore a dark brown shirt, vest, and jeans. LL Cool J wore a short black shirt, black, red, and white shorts, and a gold chain. Enrique Iglesias wore a black shirt, black jeans, and a chain. Beyonce wore a black jumpsuit with a red bow. All the celebrity judges looked fabulous.

by Destiny Colon, 7th Grade Reporter

The Lorraine Hansberry Eagles defeated the Emolior Titans 28-24 at Tuesday’s home game on March 8, 2011 in the Lorraine Hansberry Gym.

The second game with the Emolior Titans was once again a full house. PS 214X encouraged the team, especially player Bryce Woods, from class 805. “The crowd pumped me up real good because they are my fans supporting me.” Woods scored seven points for the team.

The cheerleaders performed their famous cheers several times throughout the game and at halftime. DJ MVP played music throughout the game. When the Eagles won, DJ MVP played Moment for Life by Nikki Minaj and Drake.

Oscar Ramirez, from class 805, said, “Despite me being fouled out, I still had enough trust in my team!” Ramirez was fouled out, but scored the most points—ten.

Coach Ms. Angela Johnson said, “It was a lot of pressure to win the game. Despite the intensity, I think my boys pulled off another victory, and we’re going to the playoffs!” Likewise, Principal David Cintron was proud of the Eagles.


By Celeste Colon, 4th Grade Contributing Writer

The Cheetahs are a group of third and fourth graders that step with a fun beat for entertainment. The Cheetahs practice with coach, Ms. Elizabeth Perez, SETSS Teacher.

The Cheetahs are M’Asia Butler, of class 103, Nyaisa Santana, of class 303, Shiann Brown, Saniya Everett, Kasey Gonzalez, Desiree Martinez, Ashli Maximo, and Alexander Santana, of class 401, Dejahnee Paniagua, of class 402, and Crystal Nicholas, of class 403. The Baby Cheetahs are Kaelyn Daniel and Timani Taylor, of PK-02, and Alyssa Puckering of K-053.

Everyone in this group enjoys stepping with the team, but for different reasons. Gonzalez and Everett like it because it is exciting and they have the opportunity to perform onstage. Nicholas, co-captain, likes it because it’s entertaining. Santana likes it because his older sister dreamt to be a stepper, so he was excited to be able to live her dream. Brown, the team captain, stated, “[Stepping gives] you air and I feel wild.”

Everyone learned the steps at different speeds, but Brown learned faster than the others. Brown states it’s easy because, “once you learn it, you do it quick.” Gonzalez says it’s a little bit of both, “I learned fast of course, but a little slow at some parts of stepping.” Everett stated, “I learned fast because it’s easy to me as always!”

It only took Brown two days to learn the steps for 214X Idol and the March Awards Ceremonies. Gonzalez said, “It took me three and a half days.” Santana wants to improve on his moves to make Coach Perez proud.


by Destiny Colon, 7th Grade Reporter

Cloth, a hot glue gun, and imagination were all it took to create the PAZ Peace Collage for Respect for All Week, February 14-18. Students walked through the Respect Gallery, on the second floor, to view the collage and other PS 214X respect projects created during Advisory.

Since the beginning of the new year, the PAZ After School Program has been working on a respect collage for the Respect Gallery. Some of the individual collage pieces are really enjoyable to look at—not only are there peace signs, hearts, flowers, and respectful words of advice, there are animals such as tigers, turtles, birds, dolphins, and whales. The animals featured in the collage were done specifically because these animals are facing extinction.

The peace collage originated with Ms. Vanessa, PAZ After School Program Director. “My idea was not only about humans giving respect, but giving respect to the environment as well.”

The collage featured artwork from sixty-five students who worked together as a team.

Demi Santos, from class 604, said, “I think it’s all about saving the environment and people having peace.” Ms. Buccos, the PAZ After School Chef, said “I love that everybody came together to work on it and that’s what I think peace is about.” Also, Ms. Pujols, PAZ 8th Grade Instructor, had something to say about the completed piece, “It’s beautiful and it’s something I really like. [It] brings out the reality in people that want to do something together. And, it’s cool that there was a huge amount of teamwork.”

by Genesys Jimenez, 8th Grade Reporter

“Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal,” were the words of Martin Luther King Jr. Respect for All Week, a mission for peace, begins the week of February 14 – February 18 at P.S. 214X.

This week is a chance for 214X students to create peace puzzles, poetry, videos, clothing, and many more creative projects with the message of peace. Students will showcase their projects during their academy’s scheduled Town Hall meetings.

If you have any questions about Respect for All Week, ask Ms. Aida Abundo, Guidance Counselor, or Ms. Adrienne Rubinsky, Social Worker.

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”-Buddha

by Genesys Jimenez, 8th Grade Reporter, and Tasnia Tussy, 5th Grade Reporter

Have you ever thought about the environment? Do you see people litter? Well, you can change that by joining Go Green! Be Green!; it’s the club for you.

Students from grades 5-8 gather and discuss different projects they can do to help P.S. 214X’s environment. Projects include planting a garden, planting trees, cleaning up litter, going on hiking trips, and even convincing students to carpool, ride the bus, or just walk to school.

Need more information? Want to join? Then have a conversation with Tasnia Tussy, class 503, founder of this green club, or speak with Michelle Gonzalez, Parent Coordinator. Membership is open to all P.S. 214X students and staff. So, get green and join now!

by Destiny Colon, 7th Grade Reporter

The Winter Dance will be held on Friday, December 10th, 2010 from 5 pm-7:30 pm in the lunchroom. The dance is open to students in the fifth to eighth grades. Only 214X students can attend.

Tickets will cost $5.00 person. Students can purchase tickets from Ms. Gonzalez in her office, Room 162. Tickets can be purchased in advance, or at the door. Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be offered as part of the admission cost.

DJ M.V.P. will be playing cool music and take requests. Students are invited to wear their favorite, appropriate school apparel since it will be dress-down Friday.

by Ms. M. Maehara, ESL Teacher

Movie Night will be held on Friday, December 10th, 2010 from 5 pm-7:30 pm in the auditorium. It is open to all 214X elementary school students.

The comedic feature presentation will be 2003’s Elf, starring Will Ferrell, Edward Asner, and Bob Newhart. The plot centers on Buddy (Ferrell), a man, who was raised at the North Pole by elves. Because of his size, many hilarious mishaps ensue, and he is sent to NYC in search of his true self.

Admission to the movie is $5.00.  Tickets may be purchased in advance, or at the door. The admission fee includes popcorn and soda.

The movie is rated PG, for some minor rude humor and language.

by Ms. M. Maehara, ESL Teacher

Are you 214X’s next top designer? Move over Aéropostale and Baby Phat, the graduating class of 2011 needs an inspired graphic artist to create a memorable senior tee.

Designs must include the following: Lorraine Hansberry Academy, Class of 2011, the eagle mascot, and a motto that embodies the graduating class. Students may submit up to two designs. Each entry should include the student’s full name and class.

Submissions are due to Mr. Damon Williams, Gym Teacher, or Ms. Lynn Roselli, Elementary Art Teacher, by Friday, January 11th, 2011. Mr. Williams can be found in the gym, while Ms. Roselli can be found in Room 116. The contest is open to eighth grade students only.

“This is a unique opportunity to be a part of something unforgettable,” said Ms. Michelle Gonzalez, Parent Coordinator. “Just think, all the seniors will be wearing something you created as they represent P.S. 214X on their trips to D.C. and Philly!” she added enthused.

A panel of 214X staff and administrators will select the top three designs. The senior class will then vote on the design to appear on their tee. The winner will be announced in February.

The winning entry will receive a $50.00 credit towards the senior package of their choice and a VIP season’s pass to all Lorraine Hansberry Eagles basketball home games. Second place will receive a $25.00 credit and third place will receive a $15.00 credit to towards the senior package of their choice.

By William Baez, 8th Grade Reporter

Have you earned your Better Bucks? Well, you better start because Eagles ‘R Us, a 214X student-store that only accepts Better Bucks, opened in mid-November. Eagles ‘R Us is the one-stop shop for students to purchase school supplies, clothing, toys, and even electronics.

The Positive Behavior Intervention System’s (PBIS) goals are centered around the acronym REACH. REACH stands for the following: R-Respect, E-Enthusiasm, A-Achievement, C-Citizenship, and H-Hard Work. To earn a Better Buck, students have to be “caught doing something good.”

Whenever students want to buy Eagles ‘R Us goodies, they should get a pass and go to Room 124, or Room 224. Additionally, staff members will be coming around the school with a mobile gift cart.

Michael Puckering, the Elementary School Dean and Peer Mediation Coach, and Gislaine Augustine, PBIS Coordinator, want to encourage children to reach new heights by following Lorraine Hansberry Academy’s school-wide behavioral expectations. Mr. Puckering states, “PBIS seeks to enforce behavior with positive consequences… If students focus and set a goal, anything is achievable.”

PBIS is already a big success. “Students and staff members are very excited,” said Mr. Puckering, “Eagles ‘R Us is filled with stuff!” Josiah Hicks, of class 801, stated that, “PBIS is the only reason why I’m going to school. I get to have knowledge and I can get free stuff.”

So students, be good and earn your Better Bucks now! Remember, REACH!