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by Destiny Colon, 7th Grade Reporter

Born in the Dominican Republic, speaks Spanish and English fluently, loves to help people… who is this? Ms. Tennessee Marcelo-Martin, a 6th and 7th Grade ELA teacher at PS 214X.

Ms. Martin came to the United States in the 6th grade. This is when she first started learning English. It was hard for her because English was not her first language. However, she was motivated to learn the language well.

Before her career in education, Ms. Martin worked in human resources at GHI [Group Health Insurance] and at Target.

Ms. Martin did not always want to be an ELA teacher. Originally, she dreamed of being a school counselor because she loves to help people, provide support, and reach out to others. However, teaching has still given her the opportunity to help students.

Ms. Martin’s goals are for all her students to obtain a solid education. Ms. Martin’s advice for students is to, “Stay focused in your education and create opportunities that allow you to follow your dreams!”

She is a graduate of George Washington High School and Herbert H. Lehman College, both in the Bronx.

by Destiny Colon, 7th Grade Reporter

During the PAZ After School Program, I surveyed fifty-two students asking whether or not they did their homework. Twenty-five students responded “yes,” while twenty-seven students responded “no.”

When asked what advice he would give to students who don’t do their homework, Tyquawn Priester, from class 703, stated, “Everyone that doesn’t do ya homework ya better before you fail [the grade].” When asked why she didn’t do her homework, Maria Hernandez, from class 703, stated, “Cause my homework is boring and sometimes I don’t feel like it!”

by Destiny Colon, 7th Grade Reporter

The Lorraine Hansberry Eagles defeated the Emolior Titans 28-24 at Tuesday’s home game on March 8, 2011 in the Lorraine Hansberry Gym.

The second game with the Emolior Titans was once again a full house. PS 214X encouraged the team, especially player Bryce Woods, from class 805. “The crowd pumped me up real good because they are my fans supporting me.” Woods scored seven points for the team.

The cheerleaders performed their famous cheers several times throughout the game and at halftime. DJ MVP played music throughout the game. When the Eagles won, DJ MVP played Moment for Life by Nikki Minaj and Drake.

Oscar Ramirez, from class 805, said, “Despite me being fouled out, I still had enough trust in my team!” Ramirez was fouled out, but scored the most points—ten.

Coach Ms. Angela Johnson said, “It was a lot of pressure to win the game. Despite the intensity, I think my boys pulled off another victory, and we’re going to the playoffs!” Likewise, Principal David Cintron was proud of the Eagles.


by Destiny Colon, 7th Grade Reporter

Cloth, a hot glue gun, and imagination were all it took to create the PAZ Peace Collage for Respect for All Week, February 14-18. Students walked through the Respect Gallery, on the second floor, to view the collage and other PS 214X respect projects created during Advisory.

Since the beginning of the new year, the PAZ After School Program has been working on a respect collage for the Respect Gallery. Some of the individual collage pieces are really enjoyable to look at—not only are there peace signs, hearts, flowers, and respectful words of advice, there are animals such as tigers, turtles, birds, dolphins, and whales. The animals featured in the collage were done specifically because these animals are facing extinction.

The peace collage originated with Ms. Vanessa, PAZ After School Program Director. “My idea was not only about humans giving respect, but giving respect to the environment as well.”

The collage featured artwork from sixty-five students who worked together as a team.

Demi Santos, from class 604, said, “I think it’s all about saving the environment and people having peace.” Ms. Buccos, the PAZ After School Chef, said “I love that everybody came together to work on it and that’s what I think peace is about.” Also, Ms. Pujols, PAZ 8th Grade Instructor, had something to say about the completed piece, “It’s beautiful and it’s something I really like. [It] brings out the reality in people that want to do something together. And, it’s cool that there was a huge amount of teamwork.”

by Destiny Colon, 7th Grade Reporter

Lorraine Vivian Hansberry, our school’s namesake, was born on May 19th, 1930 in Chicago, Illinois. She’s the daughter of Carl Augusto (a realtor and a banker) and Nanny (Perry) Hansberry. She married Robert B. Nemiroff (a music publisher and songwriter) on June 20th, 1954 and they split in 1964.

She was a journalist for a year and then quit. She is most known as a writer and director. Hansberry registered in the Dramatist’s Guild and IRA Aldrich Society Institute for Advanced Study in the Theater Arts. She won many awards, including being named the Most Promising Playwright of the Season (1959), by Variety Magazine, the New York Drama Critics Circle Award, Best American Play, Antoinette Perry Award Nomination, Cannes International Film Festival Special Award, and a Screen Writers Guild Nomination all for her play, A Raisin In the Sun.

Hansberry’s hobbies were: Ping Pong, skiing, walking through the woods, reading biographies, and conversations.

Hansberry died of cancer on January 12, 1965 in N.Y.C. When she died, she was buried in Beth-El Cemetery, in New York.

Girls and Sports

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by Destiny Colon, 7th Grade Reporter

Five Reasons Girls Should Play Sports:

  1. Those who play do better in school
  2. Learn teamwork and fun skills
  3. Good for your health
  4. Boosts self-esteem
  5. Exercise cuts the pressure, building self-confidence


by Destiny Colon, 7th Grade Reporter

  • Breakfast: 1/2 banana or strawberries in a bowl of cereal, orange juice, and an apple on the side
  • Lunch: Meat (of your choice) and cheese (of your choice) sandwich, and 100% fruit juice
  • Snack: A piece of fruit, or a salad with corn, tomatoes, and lettuce a little salt and pepper with a dash of vinegar
  • Dinner: A serving of rice and half a serving of beans, some veggies, and meat

By Destiny Colon, 7th Grade Reporter

In P.S. 214X’s auditorium there was an 8th grade presidential debate that took place 4th and 5th periods, on Friday, January 14th, 2011.

Our school presidential candidates are: Assil Eidah, 804, Antonio Julbe, 801, David Lopez, 801, and Thalia Vega, 801. Candidates running for vice president are: Hilmee Kassim, 801, Savannah Miller, 805, Jehnnali Perez, 801, Shemarr Reece, 801. Candidates running for secretary are: Leslie Cepeda, 802, and Latoya Jones, 801.

Middle-schoolers asked a range of questions, as they tried to get more information from their candidates. William Martinez, of class 703, asked Vice Presidential Candidate, Hilmee Kssim, “What are you going to do about school trips?” Kassim responded, “The only ways your classes are going to get trips are if you behave in class. Also, the trips are for us to learn, but also to have fun.” Tyrone Thomas, of class 801, asked Presidential Candidate, Thalia Vega, “Why do you want to run for president?” Vega responded, “I’m running for school president because ever since I’ve been in this school, I wanted to be a voice of change.” When Vice Presidential Candidate, Jehnnali Perez, was asked, “As vice president how are you going to explain to Mr. Cintron the problems with the absence of mirrors in the bathroom?” Perez answered, “David and I will try to talk it out and try our best to put mirrors in the bathroom.”

Here are some quotes from our Presidential Candidates:

  • “I respect our 214X school mission statement.”—Eidah
  • “I’m responsible and trustworthy. Vote for me and I’ll make a change.”—Julbe
  • “I will encourage my peers to do better.”—Lopez
  • “I’ll make the school administration listen to what we have to say and no voice will be pushed aside.”—Vega

The elections were held on Wednesday, January 26, 2011. By Friday, January 28th, when the votes were counted, David Lopez and Jehnnali Perez were announced as the winners of the election. The role of secretary went to Latoya Jones.

by Destiny Colon, 7th Grade Reporter

The Lorraine Hansberry Eagles defeat the Emolior Titians by 39-33 at Wednesday’s away game on January 26, 2011 in the 214X gym. Eagles are now 2-0 this season.

Eagle’s top scorer, with a total of 12 points, was Oscar Ramirez, from class 805. William Martinez, of class 703, scored a total of 9 points.

The game was close; each team going back and forth with the lead up until the very end. After the game, the Eagles were really excited with their fair and hard-earned win.

I spoke with Jalen Oliver, from class 803, and Hilmee Kassim, Eagles’ Captain, from class 801, about how they felt before the game. Oliver’s response was, “I felt confident.” Meanwhile, Kassim’s response was, “ I was nervous because I was injured.” I asked Charles Smith, from class 801, about his opinions on the game. Smith responded, “I had some doubts because [the] Emolior players’ height were like super tall!”

When questioning Ramirez about what his personal strategy was in order to ensure an Eagles’ win, he said, “I wanted to play aggressively and play defense.”

Bryce Woods, from class 805, said, “I felt like I had a monkey off my back. This was a big rival game for our school,” when commenting about how he felt about winning the game.

When asked if he could change anything about the game, Luis Rodriguez, from class 702, responded, “I wish I would’ve played more in the game, but I trusted my coaches.”

Coach Angela Johnson, 501 Homeroom Teacher, also had to say something about the victory game, “It was an intense game, but my boys did their thing—awesome teamwork and [they] supported each other, even the ones who didn’t get to play.”

by Destiny Colon, 7th Grade Reporter

  • “Be on the 214X Eagles Basketball team,” Tyquan Priester, class 703.
  • “Have the guts to try out for the baseball team,” Maria Hernandez, class 703:
  • “Get a 4 on all the state tests and to get a good grade on my exit project,” David Lopez, class 801.
  • “Take my career to the next level,” Ms. L, PAZ afterschool instructor.
  • “Take care of my finances,” Mr. Victor Willert, Middle School Assistant Principal.
  • “Do better in school,” Brianna Melendez, class 302, Eniyah Mendina, class 503, Leslie Tufino, class 603, and Perla Gonzalez, class 702.
  • “Become more organized,” Dr. Haung, Homeroom Teacher of Class 303.
  • “Get a better attitude, more organized, and to participate in sports and classes,” Jenny Baptiste, class 703.
  • “Participate in many more school events,” Quiara Santiago, class 602.
  • “Do better in math class,” Vanessa Aragon, class 802.
  • “Pass the 6th grade,” Ashleen Gonzalez, class 502.
  • “Be a part of the spring concert,” D’Andrea Jones, class 605.
  • “Achieve more in school,” Luke Eziomono, class 702.
  • “Behave better in school,” Celeste Colon, class 401.