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by Ta’Shea Parham, 6th Grade Reporter

From bland to flavorful. From colorless to colorful. The PS 214X cheerleaders have transformed themselves from casual to Eaglelicious!

After all of the bake sales and other fundraising events, the cheer team finally got their much-needed and well-deserved uniforms.

The color scheme of the uniforms is burgundy and white—our school colors. Uniforms include the following items: hair ribbons, a long sleeve white turtleneck that is worn under the shell, the shell (top), a cute cheer skirt (with shorts to go under it), and bright white sneakers. “We are very thankful for the uniforms,” says Jhane Hughes, cheerleader from class 603.

The cheerleaders will be taking pictures in their team uniforms and distributing the photo in flyers throughout the school community.

by Destiny Colon, 7th Grade Reporter

The Lorraine Hansberry Eagles defeated the Emolior Titans 28-24 at Tuesday’s home game on March 8, 2011 in the Lorraine Hansberry Gym.

The second game with the Emolior Titans was once again a full house. PS 214X encouraged the team, especially player Bryce Woods, from class 805. “The crowd pumped me up real good because they are my fans supporting me.” Woods scored seven points for the team.

The cheerleaders performed their famous cheers several times throughout the game and at halftime. DJ MVP played music throughout the game. When the Eagles won, DJ MVP played Moment for Life by Nikki Minaj and Drake.

Oscar Ramirez, from class 805, said, “Despite me being fouled out, I still had enough trust in my team!” Ramirez was fouled out, but scored the most points—ten.

Coach Ms. Angela Johnson said, “It was a lot of pressure to win the game. Despite the intensity, I think my boys pulled off another victory, and we’re going to the playoffs!” Likewise, Principal David Cintron was proud of the Eagles.


by Ta’Shea Parham, 6th Grade Reporter

Chatter, chatter, girls biting, nails falling! They anxiously waited to show off their stuff at the cheerleading tryouts. Well, that was how the audition went down; let’s experience deja vu and go back to the… PAST.

On November 30, 2010 – December 1, 2010, cheer coaches, Ms. Hannah Bass, of Pre-K03, and Ms. Latoya Radway, of Class 102, held two mandatory workshops for interested students to learn necessary choreography. Additionally, cheerleading hopefuls learned step material that they had to show off at the final audition on December 2, 2010.

Practice was long and hard because the squad coaches believed that all those auditioning had potential. Every practice was approached as a new learning experience.

The squad’s first performances were for the Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle School Town Halls that took place from December 15 – December 17, 2010.

The cheerleaders had a bake sale to raise money for their uniforms. School faculty and students of all grades participated. Cheerleaders will be receiving their uniforms in February 2011 so that they can show their spirit in style!

The members of P.S. 214X’s cheer team are: Jaribel Almanzar, Jenny Baptiste, Kialin Bello, Asia Bobbitt, Autumn Brown, Patricia Elie, Jhane Hughes, Faith Johnson, D’ Andrea Jones, Deandra Lawson, Jocelynn Lora, David Martinez, De’Janae Middleton, Hailey Negron, Kim Oliver, Ta’Shea Parham, Cinthia Perez, Tatyana Pringle, Kendra Ramos, Dextine Rivera, Nayla Santiago, Thalia Vega, and Ashley Williams.