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Posted: March 13, 2011 in Advice, Girl Talk, Middle School, Students
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Girl Talk is a column that gives feedback and advice to real girls. Questions can be submitted to:, or to the PAZ Office, Room 212A.

Dear Girl Talk:

I sometimes feel alone, and like there is no one who can understand me. My grandmother does not listen to me and tells me that I am just like my mother. I never really knew my mother… and my family only talks about the bad things she did when she was my age. I feel alone and like no one in my family will ever get to know the real me. My friends in school do not know how I feel. I usually pretend to be happy. But, inside I am sad.


Miss. Understood

Dear Miss Understood:

I am sad to hear that you feel lonely and misunderstood.  Maybe your Grandmother does not know how you feel about being compared to your mom, and she may need to hear firsthand from you about your feelings. My advice is to write your feelings in a journal. Imagine the things that you may want to say to your Grandma and share with her the impact… or your feelings after she compares you.

You may want to use an “I statement” when you communicate to her your feelings. For example:

Grandma I feel sad and misunderstood when you compare me to my mother. I would like you to get to know me for who I am, and for you to listen to the way I feel. If you can do this I will feel happy and listened to.

Misunderstood, I have learned that the best way to feel understood and listened to is to start by sharing your feelings and listening to the feelings of others. Have you asked yourself, why is your Grandma is comparing you to your mother? Time to have a talk with Grandma. Don’t forget to write to me and share how things turned out.


Girl Talk