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by Merari Hernandez, 8th Grade Reporter

October 24, 2010, the big day that thousands of eighth graders in New York were waiting for—the second day of the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT), a test that determines one’s acceptance into any of the eight elite high schools in New York City.

A handful of eighth graders from 214X applied and took the test. But of the few, only three proved worthy, and came out victorious. On February 11, the brave eighth graders who took the test received letters containing the words that foretold whether or not they would be attending a specialized high school in September. Reda Bouzidi, Charles Smith and Tyrone Thomas, all students of class 801, were the three who opened the letter to see that they had what it took to compete with the other thousands of diverse eighth graders across New York State who took the test.

“I thought I failed. I guessed on the last twenty questions because the time was limited,” said Bouzidi, who was accepted into the High School for Math, Science, and Engineering at City College.

“After taking the test, I felt anxious. I knew I passed, but I didn’t feel it,” Thomas stated, thinking back to that day in October.

Both Smith and Thomas were accepted into Brooklyn Latin High School, but neither of them will be attending due to distance. Thomas will be attending a private school, St. Raymond’s, and Smith plans to attend an all boy’s school in the Bronx.

While the three of them passed, neither of them even knew about the test’s format nor requirements for specialized high schools until seventh grade. Prior to the SHSAT, Bouzidi planned on attending a private high school and Smith thought he was going to a Catholic high school.

To prepare for the rigorous test, Thomas attended a program, Specialized High School Institute; Bouzidi bought and used Kaplan’s SHSAT Test-Prep book; and, Smith used a SHSAT handbook he received from a teacher.

by Destiny Colon, 7th Grade Reporter

The Lorraine Hansberry Eagles defeat the Emolior Titians by 39-33 at Wednesday’s away game on January 26, 2011 in the 214X gym. Eagles are now 2-0 this season.

Eagle’s top scorer, with a total of 12 points, was Oscar Ramirez, from class 805. William Martinez, of class 703, scored a total of 9 points.

The game was close; each team going back and forth with the lead up until the very end. After the game, the Eagles were really excited with their fair and hard-earned win.

I spoke with Jalen Oliver, from class 803, and Hilmee Kassim, Eagles’ Captain, from class 801, about how they felt before the game. Oliver’s response was, “I felt confident.” Meanwhile, Kassim’s response was, “ I was nervous because I was injured.” I asked Charles Smith, from class 801, about his opinions on the game. Smith responded, “I had some doubts because [the] Emolior players’ height were like super tall!”

When questioning Ramirez about what his personal strategy was in order to ensure an Eagles’ win, he said, “I wanted to play aggressively and play defense.”

Bryce Woods, from class 805, said, “I felt like I had a monkey off my back. This was a big rival game for our school,” when commenting about how he felt about winning the game.

When asked if he could change anything about the game, Luis Rodriguez, from class 702, responded, “I wish I would’ve played more in the game, but I trusted my coaches.”

Coach Angela Johnson, 501 Homeroom Teacher, also had to say something about the victory game, “It was an intense game, but my boys did their thing—awesome teamwork and [they] supported each other, even the ones who didn’t get to play.”