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By Xavier Fernandez, 8th Grade Reporter

In June 2011, there will be trips for the eighth graders, graduation, and a prom dinner dance. There is one catch for these events to even happen, you have to pay for it.

Only a few eighth graders have paid their senior dues in full. Most have neglected to finish payments for their packages. Seniors, there is a short amount of time left to pay for these events—April 21 is the deadline to make payments.

Thus far, only forty students (out of 125 seniors) have paid for graduation events and out of those forty, only seven have completed payments in full.

Senior dues must be paid for these special events to happen and for there to even be a graduation ceremony.

There are four senior packages available for purchase: Package A, B, C, and D. Package A ($75) includes graduation costs only. Package B ($200) includes graduation and the prom dinner dance. Prom dinner dance includes three tickets—one for the graduate and two guest tickets. Package C ($200) includes the graduation and senior trip to Great Adventures. Finally, Package D ($310) is the full package, including all of the above mentioned senior activities.

By Genesys Jimenez, 8th Grade Reporter

Seniors at Lorraine Hansberry Academy are sitting on the edge of their seats wondering what should they expect their final year. The wait is over; here are some answers.

On Wednesday, November 3rd, there was a graduating class information session with Mr. David Cintron, Principal, and a few of our teachers. Mr. Cintron spoke about silly senior days, dances, senior trips, graduation, prom, and a “top secret” senior event that has every eighth grader going berserk.

Silly senior days will entail the following: pajama day, twin day, and crazy hat day. Other days are still being decided.

Our first dance of the school year will be this month—the Winter Dance. It will be open to all middle school students.

Senior trips will be to Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and possibly camping. The exact location of the camping site has yet to be determined.

Graduation and prom will be held on June 22nd. Graduation will be done as tradition in the 214X auditorium. Prom will immediately follow at Maestro’s, an Italian eatery. Additionally, Mr. Cintron advised that cap and gown fittings will be held shortly after Thanksgiving break.

Mr. Cintron announced that the “top secret” senior event will be a trip to Six Flags, Great Adventure.

Ms. Vanessa Mapp, the Senior Committee Coordinator, stated, “It’s going to be a fun filled year!”

The session concluded with a raffle. Josiah Hicks, of class 801, won an iPod and Diamond Bellamy, of class 804, won a surprise selection, which was $75 off the senior graduation package of her choice.